Santiago de Compostela and Finisterre

Buenos Dias! We have walked for 14 days continuous from Leon, without a rest day, we ate grapes, apples, pears, berries and greens growing along the way and had cafe con leche, tortilla de potatas, bocadillo, cerveza, vino tinto and blanco, delicious soups, stews and pan, the wonderful crusty bread, and Charlie will certainly not forget the bedbugs, so….Yeah…we are very happy to be in Santiago. After arriving at the Cathedral de Santiago our fellow pilgrims and us congratulated each other and then we visited the pilgrim office to get our Compostela and checked into a HOTEL. In the evening we walked the old city and celebrated with having a nice dinner and a bottle of wine.

The next morning we went to Pilgrim Mass. It was very beautiful and moving, they announced each country and the starting point of the walk for the pilgrims arriving the day before. After mass we boarded the bus to Finisterre. It turns out, we were very lucky with the weather while walking, except for the day we had to go up to O Cebreiro, we had excellent walking weather. It is raining heavy non stop since our arrival here. Some people had planned to walk to Finisterre, another 90 km, but opted for the bus also because of the really heavy rain and cold wind. We stayed for one night in Finisterre, it wasn’t to much fun…rain, wind, tired and no beautiful sun down at the “End of the Earth”.

We are back in Santiago since we could not get a place on the train to Madrid until the 4th. One more day to check out Santiago and it’s history…….

Thank you for fallowing us on “The Way”. ┬áHasta Luego Amigos!

Just before Pilgrim Mass - someone took a blury picture of is....o well

Just before Pilgrim Mass – someone took a blurry picture of us….o well